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Technician Support Service
ID Badges 2021


Technician Support Service (TSS) is responsible for the 8 year rolling program of ID Badge provision and replacement across the education estate.  This service consists of planned visits to all establishments, capturing staff images and producing ID badges for education staff.


Changes to the ID Badge Scheme

TSS will provide replacement Education ID Badges every 8 years as opposed to 4 years.

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Replacement of Badges without Image Capture

In the period from issue to the planned replacement of badges various events can result in the staff concerned requiring a replacement badge. The main reasons for replacement are as follows:

  1. If any member of staff has lost their badge or it has been stolen.
  2. If the ID badge has been damaged and the image has become unrecognisable.
  3. If there has been a change to employee’s name.

Establishments who require ID Badges for any of the above reasons should contact TSS at  In many cases TSS will be able to use information from the existing ID database to produce and issue replacements to staff.

Email requests must be sent from a verified GCC email account.

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Additional Weekly Image Capture Service

In cases where TSS does not hold a current image for the member(s) of staff requiring a badge, or where the staff members were unavailable on the day TSS last visited their establishment, the additional weekly image capture service is the most efficient method of badge provision.

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Removal of ID Badges from Service

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