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Technician Support Service (TSS) – iPad Hardware Repairs

Technician Support Service (TSS) is part of Education Services within Glasgow City Council providing a wide and varied range of technical and advisory services to all educational establishments. 

To support Education Services Digital Learning Strategy, TSS are now offering an iPad Repair Service for both Teacher and Pupil iPads.  Repairs can be carried out providing the fault or damage to the device is does not fall under the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Some examples of repairs which are not covered under warranty are object jammed in headphone point, damaged touchscreen (smashed/cracked), water damage.

Please note that TSS repairs are restricted to hardware faults only therefore if your iPad has any fault with incorrectly functioning apps, iOS operating system, pupil/teacher profiles or similar then these should not be submitted to TSS for repair but should be investigated further within the school in conjunction with your DLOL, ICTC, Technician team (Secondary schools only) and/or CGI as appropriate.

Any damaged iPads which were previously advised to the Connected Learning team prior to June 2021 should not be submitted to TSS at this time. TSS have a note of this data and will contact schools directly to arrange uplift and repair – in advance schools can still complete the Establishment Repair Request as detailed below.

It should be noted that the repair of this backlog of damaged iPads will be prioritised in order to free up some additional spare stock for each school, in the case of Pre-12 schools 1:1 pupil devices will be prioritised ahead of shared devices.

Reporting a Repair Request

In the event that you require to arrange a repair for a newly damaged device not previously advised to the Connected Learning team you will be required to complete the following proforma  Establishment Repair Request Form – Multiple iPads and submit by email to  Please note TSS are unable to process your request without the completion of this proforma, all fields should be completed and in particular the following information must be included:

  • Model – e.g. 6th Generation (A1893), 7th Generation (A2197) Please see Model Identification - Advice note for information on how to identify your model of iPad
  • Asset Tag – device PT number / TT number only (we do not need full iPad serial numbers)
  • Fault(s) – Please include an accurate summary of all known faults (Faulty or Broken is insufficient)

Uplift and Packaging

Following receipt and processing of your Establishment Repair Request Form TSS will reply, by email, to supply you with a repair number for each device. When your uplift day has been confirmed you will be contacted prior to uplift in order to ensure that you are able to make devices available for collection from your designated uplift area within the school – school’s must ensure the security of iPads prior to uplift.

It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that iPads being uplifted for repair are securely packaged to ensure that no additional damage is sustained in transit. iPads should also be wrapped (e.g. Bubble Wrap) or bagged to ensure that any fragments of broken glass are contained during transit. If submitting multiple devices at one time then they should also be boxed following the initial individual wrapping of each iPad, please use suitable boxes capable of supporting the weight of any iPads.

Repair Charges

By submitting any item for repair schools are agreeing that TSS will supply and fit the spare parts necessary to repair that device, for any repair where the cost of the repair exceeds £100 schools will be contacted directly to make a local decision on how they wish to proceed, all repairs below that threshold will be automatically carried out. TSS do not charge schools for labour or delivery/uplift.

All repair costs will be paid from your School Devolved Budget, these will be automatically charged to your school ledger by TSS, it will then be up to the school to decide which budget these charges are debited from.

When an iPad is found to be Beyond Economical Repair (B.E.R.) schools will be advised of this in writing detailing all relevant WEEE disposal costs, it is the responsibility of the school to ensure that the Asset is removed from the school inventory of managed devices.

All repaired iPads will be securely wiped, using Jamf Mobile Device Management system, as part of the repair process. Schools should be advised that all data which has been stored locally on the device will be lost. An advisory checklist, detailing all work carried out and parts fitted, will be included with each iPad when returned to the school.






Establishment Repair Request Form – Multiple iPads


Proforma for submission of iPad model, asset details and relevant faults


iPad Checklist - Sample

Sample Checklist for work carried out on each iPad


Fingerprint ID – Advice Note

Guidance for on screen notifications for home buttons following repair


Model Identification – Advice Note

How to Identify iPad Model number