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iPad Hardware Repairs

Technician Support Service (TSS) – iPad Hardware Repairs

To support Education Services Digital Learning Strategy, TSS are now offering an iPad Repair Service for both Teacher and Pupil iPads.  Repairs can be carried out providing the fault or damage to the device is does not fall under the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Some examples of repairs which are not covered under warranty are object jammed in headphone point, damaged touchscreen (smashed/cracked), water damage.

Please note that TSS repairs are restricted to hardware faults only therefore if your iPad has any fault with incorrectly functioning apps, iOS operating system, pupil/teacher profiles or similar then these should not be submitted to TSS for repair but should be investigated further within the school in conjunction with your DLOL, ICTC, Technician team (Secondary schools only) and/or CGI as appropriate.

Full details on this repair service can be found on Glasgow Online.