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N.B. This page contains only a small selection of the kits available from the loans catalogue - please contact TSS for further details of additional items available for loan.




Kit  Number                     

Description                                                                      Image

Trend Router and Router Table Kit


The Trend T11 Router and PRT (Professional Router Table) comes supplied with a 15 piece ½” cutter set and a Bosch HEPA Vacuum.  The router is NOT FOR PUPIL USE.  TSS will arrange a short training session on site ( at the same time as the router is delivered for loan) for technicians and technical teaching staff who wish to operate this power tool. 

T95, T96 & T97

3D Systems Cubepro Duo - 3D Printer


The Cubepro Duo 3D Printer comes supplied with all the accessories required to operate this device within schools.  T96 & T96 come with a handheld 3D Scanner however T97 does not include this device.
It will be setup and supplied with specific manufacturers filament cartridge,  current costs and material options can be confirmed by contacting TSS.
TSS will arrange a short training session on site ( at the same time as the printer is delivered for loan) for technicians and  teaching staff who wish to operate this device. 
The loan period for these items will be restricted in order to ensure maximum use  by all schools who wish to borrow this item.

Boxford Gravograph Laser Cutter

A loan kit comprising a Boxford Gravograph Laser Cutter with fume extraction unit and all accessories is now available for loan from TSS.
This loan kit will have restricted loan durations in order to maximise availability across all schools.
On site demonstration and training is arranged with each school when they borrow this equipment.
T103, T104, T105, T106 & T107

BBC - Micro:bit Kits

The Micro:Bit has been created to inspire a new generation of programmers for the UK.

There's a few different ways to program it, suiting everyone from novice to advanced and it's packed with great features to make programming a very creative and intuitive process.

  • An easy and fun way to learn about electronics and programming, with everything you need to connect to your computer and start experimenting
  • Supplied with microUSB to USB lead
  • Batteries and battery holder included

Kit list can be found here.

These sets of 16 Micro:bit kits are designed for loan use within Pre-12 Schools and a guidance document can be found here.

Further information on the kits can be found here:

Important Safety Advice can be found here:

  Robox Duo 3D Printers