Glasgow City Council Technician Support Service

Technician Support Service
H&S Monitoring & Auditing
Health and Safety
TSS undertakes a number of statutory inspections, audits and equipment and systems monitoring in accordance with the relevant Health and Safety regulations. All educational establishments will be pre-notified of TSS visits to undertake such work.
Fume Cupboard Monitoring - TSS annually monitor all fume cupboards; testing and recording the physical condition of the cupboard and the performance of the filtering systems. Such tests are part of the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 2002 regulations.
Radiological Protection Advisor (RPA) - TSS are responsible for carrying out and recording annual audits of all radioactive substances held within the Council's educational establishments. They will also provide advice on the purchase, use, storage and the disposal of radioactive substances.
Disposal of Hazardous Substances - In accordance with the COSHH regulations and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) 2002 regulations.
a.      Chemical and other substances - if you have any chemicals or other substances that you no longer require and are unsure of the disposal procedures - contact TSS for advice and guidance.
b.      Electrical and Electronic Waste - If you have any old / redundant electrical / electronic equipment - contact TSS for advice re recycling / disposal.
WEEE Guidance form can be downloaded by clicking here.
WEEE Disposal form can be downloaded by clicking here.
Chemical Storage and information on Safe Shelf Lives can be found on the SSERC Website here.
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) - TSS carry out rigorous PAT testing schedules of portable electrical appliances at various establishments throughout the estate, including all items of TSS equipment. Repairs carried out by TSS are also given a full PAT test prior being returned to establishments.
Machine Tool Inspections - Annually TSS will inspect, maintain and report on the condition of the fixed machine tools in use in technical departments across the estate.
Machine Tool Maintenance - TSS provides a machine tool maintenance program of a further 3 visits per year for establishments without school technician (technical) support.
Compressors - Annually TSS will service and maintain Compressor Units used within Technical Departments. The service will include pressure checks, valve inspection, oil change and general maintenance and cleaning as required.
Filter Replacement Program - TSS manage the regular inspection and replacement of HEPA type filters on dust extraction systems within educational establishments.
Face Fit Testing - TSS provides a “face fit testing” regime for school technicians (core skills technical) to ensure suitable and efficient protection from harmful wood dust. We are also the nominated supplier of GCC approved Respiratory Protection Equipment (dust masks and filters) for use within educational establishments.

Full and comprehensive audit and monitoring reports regarding the above services are forwarded to educational establishments for inclusion in the appropriate Health and Safety file.