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Technician Support Service
Advisory Services

 Advisory Service

TSS provides a full range of service expertise for technical and advisory support to all educational establishments. In the main these enquires fall into the following categories:
  • Health and Safety: e.g. Chemical Spillage, Chemical storage, Electrical Safety, Storage of Flammable Liquids, Technical Machinery (Safe Use and maintenance) and issues pertaining to the Ionising Radiation Regulations (Storage, Use and Testing).
  • Equipment: General technical information, capabilities of different models, suitability of use, general safety and instructions for safe use, etc.
  • Equipment Evaluation: General recommendations, evaluation and advice on the purchase. This service prevents the purchase of equipment which subsequently does not meet the required minimum safety standards.
  • Repairs: Costs, replacement equipment, disposal and recycling.
  • Loans: Availability, suitability of equipment, demonstration and/or instruction for use, delivery and uplift.
  • Presentational Events: Type of equipment required, availability, technician support, delivery and uplift.
  • Liaison with school advisory staff concerning technical, safety or subject issues related to any of the above areas, and inclusion on working groups/panels as required.

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