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Science Loan Kits

N.B. This page contains only a small selection of the kits available from the loans catalogue - please contact TSS for further details of additional items available for loan.




Kit Number                 Description                                      Image

Slumen Electromagnetic Kit

Physics: Electromagnetism

Demonstrates all the main applications of electromagnetism; electric bell, DC motor, DC generator, relay and morse code receiver can all be constructed.

S1353 / S1364 / S1366

FLIR Infra-Red Camera              

(FLIR - Forward Locating Infra Red)                                                          


FLIR has a resolution of 60 x 60 pixels, or 3.6 kilopixels. It is sensitive to temperatures from -20 ºC to 250 ºC. Thus it covers body temperature and the temperature of one’s surroundings. The camera displays images on a 2.8 cm LCD screen (Figure 2) and can take pictures on to a supplied memory card. It can be used to look at heat loss from buildings and thermal imaging in search and rescue.

SSERC Bulletin 245 Winter 2013 has some additional information on this device.


Monkey & Hunter


Physics: Projectile Motion

A fun, basic kit demonstrating gravitational pull; an elastic powered projectile launcher fires a “ping pong ball” (bullet) at a monkey which is released simultaneously from an electromagnet.


S1355 3cm Wave Kit

Physics: Waves & Radiation

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Carry out experiments in reflection, diffraction, interference, refraction, polarisation and communication.


PASCO Projectile Investigations

Physics: Projectile Motion

Interface equipment providing an accurate method of measuring projectile motion (e.g. Monkey and Hunter Expt.)


Radiant Heat Source


Physics: Electrical Power

Safe mains radiant heat source designed to provide a safe unidirectional source of infra-red radiation. (Use with kit S362: Infra Red detector.)



National Grid Simulator

Physics: Electrical Power

A safe form of demonstrating the need for high voltage transmission. Includes 2 transformers (transmit and receive), insulated resistance wire, 2 mounted SBC lamps and full instructions.

S1289 / S1361

Set of 5 Models


Set of 5 models shows the most important joints of the body: knee, hip, elbow, shoulder and spine.

Cloud Chamber
Physics: Waves & Radiation
This apparatus shows tracks left by radiation and cosmic rays as a vapour trail. 
Traditionally, cloud chambers have been difficult to set up, with most requiring dry ice, this device is electrically cooled. 
It comes with a piece of mildly radioactive welding rod which requires no special storage or transport provision. 
Add a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (propan-2-ol), switch on the chamber in a darkened room and tracks appear in minutes. 
Supports learning and teaching of Physics N4 /N5 Waves and Radiation
N.B.  schools will have to provide their own isopropyl alcohol (Propan-2-ol)
Mystrica Colorimeters (kit of 4)
Chemistry / Biology : National 4/5 and above(but can be used by any age group for colorimetric experiments.)
These machines are robust and easy to use and can be connected to PC’s, iPhones and iPads to allow much easier use for looking at e.g. rates of reaction.