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Equipment Loan Service

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The Technician Support Service offers a short term loan service (normally 1 to 4 weeks) for nursery, primary and secondary educational establishments within Glasgow City Council. This service could be used to cover a variety of reasons within educational establishments.

The loan equipment that is available is designed to allow greater access by pupils to practical work and support educational establishments by providing access to equipment that would normally be outwith already stretched budgets. The loan service also provides equipment for events and conferencing. Demonstration on the use and assembly of the equipment can be provided on request.

Accessing the loan service

At present, only Secondary schools are able to request loans online from the TSS website. In the near future other educational establishments will be able to do the same. In the meantime, loans can be booked by completing a loan request form which can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page. Once completed the request can be returned by email or fax and when your loan request is received, the equipment availability is checked and confirmed. Should there be any amendments required concerning your loan we shall contact you to make alternative arrangements.

Loans are categorised into their subject areas and where necessary we have also placed restricted use for the users, and others, safety. There is a restriction on loan duration (normally 1-4 weeks) to allow other establishments to access equipment that can be in high demand across the city.

Range of loan equipment

There is an extensive range of loan material such as:

  • Science equipment and kits to cover all aspects of 3-18 science curriculum

  • Specialist technical equipment

  • Audio visual presentational equipment for school shows including microphones, amplifiers, digital projectors etc

  • As well as loan equipment Technician Support Service provide advice and support from trained technician staff. This can be in the form of telephone support, comprehensive instruction, health and safety guidance or information with practical demonstrations for staff either at TSS or within establishments.

  • If schools have any suggestions for additions to the loan stock please contact TSS.

How to complete the loan request

Q.         If I want to borrow equipment what should I do?

A.         Download a blank loan request form, it should then be completed and returned by email or fax to TSS. When your loan request is received equipment availability is checked and confirmed. Should there be any amendments required concerning your loan we shall contact you to make alternative arrangements. Using the online service, your loan request is e-mailed directly to TSS, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail acknowledging your request and availability.

Q.        How much does the loan service cost?

A.       TSS provides the loans service free to all Glasgow City Council educational establishments. A wide range of equipment is offered covering all the main headers of AV, ICT, Presentational, Science and Technical. The loan materials available are intended to cover more advanced and expensive equipment that may be required for occasional, short-term use by schools but falls outwith the budget of a single establishment.

Please enter all the relevant contact information on the Loan Request form. This will enable TSS staff to speak directly with the appropriate person to discuss and suggest any amendments which may be required.

Identify the loan items required. When using the online service, you are able to select your equipment directly from the loans catalogue. If you require further information about any aspect of the loans service please do not hesitate to contact Technician Support Service either by email or by telephone.

Specify the dates that the loan is required for. Where delivery is required then a minimum of 7 days notice is requested for making bookings for loans. This allows time for equipment availability and operational checks to be carried out prior to issue.

Where setting up of equipment has been requested you will need to ensure that clear access to the relevant area can be arranged on the date requested.

Should you find that you need to extend the loan period for any reason then please contact Technician Support Service prior to the end of the loan and we shall check availability and, if possible, arrange a new loan return date. Please do not wait until the last day of the loan before seeking an extension.

The equipment must be made available for collection, or returned, on the date agreed on your loan request.