Glasgow City Council Technician Support Service

Technician Support Service
Welcome to TSS 
Welcome to TSS
The Technician Support Service (TSS) is part of Education Services within Glasgow City Council and provides a wide and varied range of technical and advisory services to all educational establishments within Glasgow.
This website will provide visitors with detailed information on the services undertaken by TSS and how they can be accessed, and can be viewed by selecting the appropriate topic from “Our Services” dropdown menu. News on upcoming events, technician meetings, training course information and dates, health & safety audits and documentation as well as external links to other educational suppliers and websites are all available for viewing.
Some of the menus on this website are password protected and can only be accessed by authorised users. Selected staff in each secondary school have secure log-ins, linking the user to databases containing separate Chemical and Equipment inventories for their particular school. These nominated members of staff can then access and update their own school’s inventories live online. It is worth noting that schools are only able to view and amend their own inventories.
All education staff will also have the facility for browsing the extensive loans catalogue containing equipment from areas such as Science, Technical, Audio Visual, ICT. A loan request can then be completed online and forwarded to TSS admin staff by designated members of their establishment.

All the databases, as well as the website content, are developed and hosted by Continuing Education Gateway. The databases are backed up daily on Gateway’s servers, enabling establishments to request data retrieval if so required.
Content will be updated on a regular basis and suggestions for new content is welcome. E-mail